As long as I can remember, I've always had a camera in my hands. I usually have at least one with me while traveling, skiing, fishing, and everywhere in between. Although I often shoot in-studio, the majority of my work happens on location. What you might not know is the need to be part photographer, part packhorse, and part MacGyver. True fact: that was my favourite show as a kid. I've even been called MarkGyver.

I've been shooting professionally for 9 years and worked with a diverse group of commercial clients. Professional sports teams, oil & gas executives, banks, luxury hotels, ski resorts, breweries, and real estate developers just to name a few. On the editorial side, I have worked with numerous publications including international magazines, trade materials, and newspapers. 

The best part about commercial photography, is that every shoot becomes an adventure. Shooting a resort from a helicopter in St. Lucia, portraits in the fjords of Norway, landscapes in Kosovo, centre ice in the Saddledome, a native smudging ceremony 50 stories up on the roof of Bankers Hall, to setting up a studio in countless boardrooms. You never know what the next request will bring. It's almost like Christmas morning when those emails and phone calls come in, and the creative process starts. I love working with my clients, getting to know their business, and learning how my photography will help them tell their story.

I love what I do - there I said it. Photography is much a part of who I am as what I do. I hope this passion is contagious, as I get to work with some amazing clients from all over that ask me to shoot for them. There's always a challenge, a need, a special request - this is my favourite part. I'd love to hear from you and find out what kind of photography needs you have. 

Contact at 403.605.0503 or email mark@mark11.com